Monday, March 9, 2015

Vampire Kisses: The Beginning Review!

Overview: A new guy in town.

Rumors of vampires.

Dangerous first love.

This is where it all begins. . . .

The mansion on top of Benson Hill has stood empty for years. But one day it seems to be occupied, and its mysterious, handsome inhabitant Alexander Sterling becomes the source of much talk around town. Raven, a vampire-obsessed Goth-girl who has always considered herself an outsider in "Dullsville," is determined to uncover the truth surrounding the secretive Alexander. As she gets to know him, and their spark intensifies, Raven finds herself in some unanticipated situations. Can Alexander make her lifelong dream come true? But love always has its complications—especially when it can only be awakened at nightfall.

My Thoughts: Vampire Kisses: The Beginning is the first three books in Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses series. I've read most of these books before but I just recently obtained the last three books. So, I've decided to re-read the series since its been so long! In my opinion people either really love this series or they absolutely can't stand it. I know I really liked this the first time I read it. The second time around I'm a bit older and I still really like it. There were somethings that I forgot about like the fact that they seem to have to explain every few chapters how "Goth" Raven is or how different she is from the entire town of Dullsville (that's what she renamed the town). Although, I love her relationship with Alexander. I think everyone can understand wanting to be with a person that completely understands you and even likes the same things you do. Her arch nemesis Trevor,the soccer snob, is obviously in love with her. The first two books I think she's a little oblivious to this because he causes her so much grief, but in the third book when she's trying to save his life she sees him a little bit better. Becky is her best friend and also an outcast. She lives on a farm so I guess the people of Dullsville consider this the wrong side of the tracks. She's the only person,before Alexander came along, that accepted her for who she was and didn't make fun of her. These books I feel are more for teens but being twenty four there are some definite things I can relate to. All I can say is read them for yourself and make up your own mind about it. Happy Reading!!

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