Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Blues

Two Blues. One for Day. One for Night.
I found myself in the Night. Then saw the truth of myself in the Day.
How much of ourselves do we hide from the Day only to expose it to the Night?
How often do we whisper things into the Night, that we would rather forget about during the Day?
The ideas and thoughts you would rather no one ever find out about. Giving them over to the dark and quiet of the Night. Looking at the Day as if it some how absolves you of the things you gave to the Night. What if those ideas and thoughts didn't just break apart with the Daylight. What if they slithered through the Night seeking out all those things you've left in the darkness over time. Bringing them all together and making themselves come into being on only the emotion you left there in the dark cold spaces of life. Could you defeat it? Or would you succumb to the evil that you never knew was inside yourself?

I'm not entirely sure where that came from. I just wanted to write and there it is. Sometimes its one line other times its a huge paragraph. I wonder if this ever happens to other people. Do you ever get inspired by something and then it takes a life of its own and becomes something completely different? I'll leaves this here. If you do use it please credit me for writing it. I'd also love to read some of the things any of you have written. If you don't want to share it here email me at halstonseabolt@aol.com

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