Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

I've been watching Joan of Arcadia recently (awesome show by the way!). I've come to realize that there are so many shows that have been cancelled so much earlier than they should have been. So here are a few of the shows that I watched that ended too early for my liking.

Veronica Mars 
This show had to be one of my favorites on tv. 
 Veronica Mars is a girl who progresses from high school to college while moonlighting as a private investigator under the tutelage of her detective father. In each episode, Veronica solves a different stand-alone case while working to solve a more complex mystery. 
I was devastated when this show ended after season three. I never fully got over it and thank the lord that Rob Thomas didn't either. They just recently released the Veronica Mars film. I have yet to see it,but I know it's going to be good. Almost all of the original cast is in it and its gotten rave reviews!

 Joan of Arcadia
My mom and I both loved this show! I couldn't believe it ended the way it did! And after only two seasons at that! 
Teenager Joan Girardi sees and speaks with God and performs tasks she is given. 
Trust me the show is better than it sounds. I was so into this show that if I missed an episode my mom would watch it for me and tell me what happened. This show was so relatable as a teenager. Not the whole talking to God thing,but trying to find who you are and what your "thing" is. I would love to see this get a reboot. Maybe Joan in college or even her kids seeing and experiencing the supernatural. 

The Nine Lives of Chloe King
I watched this show before I even knew there was a book to go along with it. I couldn't wait to see what happened to Chloe next. 
Chloe King discovers that she is a descendant of an ancient race of Bastet offspring called the Mai, as she attempts to learn more about her cat-like powers with her friends and protectors, while also assuming the role of the "Uniter", a warrior that can stop the war between Mai and humans. Chloe is also bestowed with nine lives and must stay alive while dealing with her love life and the mysteries behind her missing father. 
This show ended after only one season. I was really upset about how they ended this on a cliff hanger and we were left wondering how things were going to go with Chloe and her life. I have read the book since this show aired and I really liked the book. The show definitely strayed away from the book, but I would have loved to see where they were going to take it.

666 Park Avenue
This show follows a couple who learn that the Manhattan apartment building that they just moved into, including its upscale tenants, might be possessed by a mysterious demonic force.
I was hooked on this show the minute I started watching it. It's a bit dark and edgy, but that's what caught my eye in the first place. This show was loosely based off the book by the same name by Gabriella Pierce. I haven't read the book but I've been thinking more and more about reading it recently. I can't get over the fact that they cancelled it after one season!! And the end left me with more questions than ever. I doubt this show comes back on the air but I would definitely watch it if it were to come back on.
Are there any shows that ended to soon for you?

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