Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Project Cain + Cain's Blood Review

So when I found out that I had won this book from goodreads naturally I was excited. I had no idea when I won it that it was a flip novel. I had no idea that they made books like that either. Which as you can see in thepicture above you flip it over and there's another book on the opposite side. Its definitely something I don't usually read. I read a few reviews on Project Cain before I got it and was a little worried that I wasn't going to like it. I will say that some of them were right about the first part of this book being a information dump. The thing I was most surprised about was even though there was a lot of info it wasn't hard for me to keep reading it. It was definitely an interesting concept that Mr. Girard has come up with. Dealing with cloning the most famous serial killers and putting some of them in the home lives the original killers had and putting some in loving homes. All to see what would come of it. I also thought the canisters filled with a gas to make people rip each other and themselves apart was interesting. Like I said earlier very interesting themes in this book. I did get a little lost here and there because there were no quotation marks telling you who was speaking. Even though this was from one persons point of view I would of liked to see quotations around the speaking parts. Not that there were very many mind you. It was mostly this kid talking either to himself on in his head. This book wasn't awful, but it wasn't one of the best I've ever read either. I'd probably give it three stars. Just because it had a very interesting story line.
I liked all the other point of views in it. I think having Castillo's and some of the clones point of view in this part gave a greater sense of what was actually happening. I would also like to point out this part didn't have near as much info in it as the other one did. Which was okay,it gave you just enough to get what was going on. The weird thing is I think if you didn't read the other part first you wouldn't appreciate it as much. I also think Jeff's point of view in Project Cain was necessary. Although it wasn't as good as Cain's Blood it is still a vital part to the story. Two sides of a coin. I would definitely give this part four stars.

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