Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winter is Coming!

For most of us it's still pretty warm outside (me included), but I'm so ready for fall its ridiculous. So I've decided to put together some of my favorite finds for the fall / winter. This is going to be a long post because of the pictures and the fact that I'm a total dunce and can't make a collage of them together for you guys. Sorry :( Hopefully you'll look at it and enjoy all these great finds. (Oh, and if you got what the title of this post comes from you're awesome <3)

I so in love with this sweater! I love the hearts on the elbows!! The black is probably my favorite. There's only two colors though (Red or Black). I found this on Etsy. They always have such cute things. Clickity Click this link to take you to it → Stripes and Hearts Sweater.

Sweaters / Coats!

This open knit sweater from Forever21 is really cute! They have three colors in this sweater, but the gray is my favorite. It's also less expensive than most I've found. Click here to Check it out → Classic Knit Sweater

I love big chunky cable knit sweaters for the fall. They're comfy and really cute. The only draw back is if you want a good quality one you're going to have spend a little bit. This one isn't to terribly expensive but it is more than $20 dollars. This one I think has two colors but the only one available is the gray one. Here's the link → Cable Knit Sweater

I love H&M and this sweater is adorable! I know I know another gray sweater,but when it comes to fall and winter I'm a bit more into dark colors. They do, however, have this sweater in a really nice blue or beige as well. Link → Fine Knit Sweater

Well here's some color at last! This is also and Etsy find. I love the way this looks! The placement of the buttons and everything. This sweater comes in four different colors. She also makes one with a hood. Click here to take a look → The Missy

I'm totally obsessed with this coat! This is another one of my Etsy finds. I can't tell you how much I love the color of this coat. It's made out of wool so if you're allergic or it makes you itch I wouldn't buy it. But here is the link for it if you'd like to look at it → Burnt Orange Wool Coat

Scarfs / Ear Warmers!

 Love at first sight with this scarf! I think its the color that drew me in. Its not an infinity scarf its just a regular one. The person that makes these also has many different colors and styles of scarves. Please check them out → Wine Berry Scarf

I think everyone loves chevron. I know I do and if you don't that's okay. I think this scarf is really cute. It looks light weight and could probably be worn with just a long sleeved or even a short sleeved shirt. The only color she makes this in is the mustard yellow. Though I'm sure if you look around on Etsy you could probably find different colors. Go here → Mustard Yellow Infinity Scarf

I love the leather cuff on this scarf. I really haven't seen anything like it before. It only comes in the
mocha brown color you see above,but like anything on Etsy you can always find something similar in another color if you prefer it. Clack Click → Infinity Leather Cuff Scarf

I love the chunky infinity scarfs. They're seem so warm and cozy! This one comes in any color you want all you have to do is tell her what color you want. Click the link, Click it → Chunky Infinity Scarf

I really love this headband / ear warmer. I especially love the back of it with the little button. This only comes in the gray color you see here. Go here to see more → Gray Cable Knitted Headband


I love beanies and I love how chunky this one is. I also love the knitting on it the braids on it are very cool looking. It comes in a plethora of colors. So I'm sure you could find a color that suits you. Here's the link to check it out  → Chunky Slouch Beanie

I really loved the color of this beanie, and the braids on this one are really cool too. The color is called Oatmeal Honey. I mean come on lol. You can pick from an abundance of colors for this beanie. Click here to see more of it → Oatmeal Honey Beanie

The thing that caught my attention on this one is that its pointy in the back. More than usual anyways. Which I think is kinda cool. This beanie comes in a bunch of different colors. Click Click →Pointy Beanie


During winter it really sucks for those who have smart phones to constantly take their gloves on and off just to look at their phone. Well North Face has these awesome gloves that allows you to use your smart phone or mouse pad without taking them off! I've seen a few other places that carry gloves like these but I love the way these look. Click here to get you a pair before winter hits →North Face tech gloves

For those of you who could care less about the tech gloves and just want to be able to do everyday things while wearing gloves here are a convertible pair of mittens. I love the color of these and they are super cheap. Here's the link for these really cute gloves →Convertible Gloves


 I love blue suede! I mean who doesn't? Even Elvis loved his blue suede shoes! (see what I did there?lol). I'm really starting to get into the lace-up boot. Before I give you the link I want to tell these shoes are on ShoeMint and you'll probably have to sign up to see the shoe. Its free so don't worry about have to pay to be a member. So here's the link → Fanny

Love, Love, Love these boots! I wish they weren't sold out because I would totally have to buy them!! I'm not really sure what color this is but I read some where that its sort of like a dusty ox blood color. I actually love the color and that's what drew my attention in the first place. This boot is also on ShoeMint just like the one above. Here's the link →Suki

So I'm not usually in to fringe,but this boot seems to have the perfect amount and just the right length also. I love that its a lace-up wedge too. I think this boot also comes in a tan, but the black looks so much better in my opinion. Check it out! →Fringe Boot

So we all know that it gets rainy and snowy during the fall and winter. So a good pair of rain boots is a must have. This one is from target and its not to terribly expensive is about $30 but I think that's pretty inexpensive next to some others that I saw. Plus these are so adorable! Go check them out →Rain Boots


I love these boot cuffs. I know some people have a lot of space between their leg and the back of their boots. So these are a really cute way to fix that. And even if you don't have that problem boot cuffs are just a cute way to add style to your boots or outfit. I really really like this color too,but if you don't they come in a few other colors. Linky Link →Knitted Boot Cuffs

I love these socks! Super cute and warm to wear around the house. Plus they look really cute in a pair of boots as well! These come in a few different colors. Here's the link to get your pair →Alpine thigh high socks

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