Thursday, September 19, 2013


I'm not sure how many of you know of Danielle Q. Lee or if you've read any of her books, but since she's released the new cover art for her book Myth (which is gorgeous by the way and was made by S. Yordanova) I wanted to talk about her books for a moment. Well,I've only read the first one in the Dark World series,but I was blown away by how unique it was. I've never read anything like it. I found Dark World on my Nook and decided to read it because it was free and sounded pretty good.I definitely recommend checking this series out. I'll put an overview of the first two books down below. Also check out the other books she's written as well. I'm sure they are equally as good. As I said earlier Dark World is free on Nook as well as Amazon. The Devil inside which is the second book in this series is $3.99. Here is the link to her blog → Danielle Q. Lee


 A beautiful monster.

That’s what Scarlet Prince became after she was damned to a nocturnal world crawling with sphinxes, gargoyles, and necromancers. If only she’d heeded the warnings of the local legend, none of this would have happened.

With a dark destiny haunting her and unearthly powers she can’t control, she is torn between freeing the inhabitants of Dark World and satiating her lust for souls, until she finds the one thing she never expect
ed in a war-torn netherworld: Love.

Only he’s the enemy. Loving him could very well destroy the entire realm—and every human on earth.


Some evil is born—others are made.
With the queen presumed dead and a new world on the horizon, the residents of Dark World must now face an uncertain future. Unless all the six scrolls are found and used to reignite the Crystal Pyramid, all the creatures of Dark World will die.
Despite new found love and happiness, Fate’s hunger for souls soon becomes uncontrollable. With no other option, she surrenders to a cure with unknown consequences—only to face an even greater nightmare.
As the mystery behind Ever’s condition deepens, Kane is forced to consider what lies beneath—a beauty or a beast.
And whether or not to slay the monster before it wakes.

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