Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Glass Magician Review Spoilers abound!

Three months after returning Magician Emery Thane’s heart to his body, Ceony Twill is well on her way to becoming a Folder. Unfortunately, not all of Ceony’s thoughts have been focused on paper magic. Though she was promised romance by a fortuity box, Ceony still hasn’t broken the teacher-student barrier with Emery, despite their growing closeness.

When a magician with a penchant for revenge believes that Ceony possesses a secret, he vows to discover it…even if it tears apart the very fabric of their magical world. After a series of attacks target Ceony and catch those she holds most dear in the crossfire, Ceony knows she must find the true limits of her powers…and keep her knowledge from falling into wayward hands.

My thoughts: I was able to read this book via Netgalley. This is the second book in the Paper Magician trilogy. I fell in love with this book just as much if not more than the first one! I'm so glad we got to see different magician's skills not just paper. I feel as though glass is just a tad cooler than paper. I mean you can travel through glass. It has to be a perfect mirror. If it has any imperfections it can cause you to get stuck inside the mirror. This book started off with a bang literally! Having to go to a paper mill is bad enough but then while you're there it explodes, you know its a bad day. 

My heart was doing all kinds of fluttery things when Ceony found Emery after the mill exploded. He was so worried about her and not just in the way a teacher is worried about a student. You could tell it was more than that. Yet he tells her you know I don't have to tell you that you're my apprentice and we can't cross that line. I was so upset for Ceony at that point. Then she decided to again put not only her life but Delilah's life endanger to find Grath before he or Saraj, the other Excisioner he works with, can find her or Emery. 

If not for Delilah, Ceony would have died before Emery or anyone else could find her. My heart sank as Emery was telling her how disappointed he was in her for going off by herself to face Garth. But just as I was about to give up on the fact that maybe Emery had feelings for Ceony he kissed her!! It was so bold of Ceony to ask him but even bolder of Emery to actually to do it. I do think how Grath died was a bit of poetic justice. I really really loved the Emery's pov chapter! I would love to see more from his pov. I definitely can't wait to read the last book!

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