Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gateway to Faerie Review

Gateway to Faerie by MD Bowden

A gateway has opened to the land of Faerie. Can one girl close the portal in time to protect her world from the destructive powers of darkness?

Set two hundred years after the world has been destroyed by a terrifying faerie invasion, Fayth Blackman is busy studying for her final exams. She has no idea that a gateway has opened to the land of Faerie and that dark haunting creatures are filtering through into her own world. But then tragedy strikes and her life turns upside down. She finds out that she is the descendent of a powerful faerie, and that the key to closing the gateway is in her blood. She must embark on a dangerous quest to find the Bell Stone, and with it stop the world from being destroyed once more. But can she make it in time?

My thoughts:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Especially since it was free on my Nook. I love that the faeries aren't like the faeries usually think of. Some of them are evil. Yet you have Rowan who comes to Fayth's rescue. He's a good faerie or the way he explains it is that he is good, but he has done things that she wouldn't find so good.  I also particularly like that Bowden gives us a budding relationship between Fayth and Dillon. Because when you're trying to save the world you live in you end up realizing,while you're dodging deadly faeries, that you've been missing out on someone great. This book is very well written for being free. MD Bowden also wrote a series The Two Vampires which is also very good. The first two books are free on Nook. I really can't wait to read the second book to this series it's called Bell Stone: Gateway to Faerie 2. 

If you've read this book tell me what you thought :) Happy reading <3

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