Thursday, July 10, 2014


 If you haven't started TrueBlood Season 7 and are planning to watch it do not read this post. It contains spoilers!!

So I don't know how many of you watch TrueBlood, but seeing as this is the last season I wanted to kind of talk about it. So there have been three episodes that have aired thus far in this season and there are only seven more. Which makes this one of the shortest seasons of TrueBlood. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that they have been killing so many major characters of the show in this season. I mean I understand that you have to tie up loose ends, and this is definitely not one of those shows that lets anyone have a happy ending. Some of the characters that were killed off I was kind of happy about. For instance I was at the point were Tara had started to get on my nerves. I know that's unpopular opinion but after she left at the end of season three I was hoping she would stay gone. Of course that's not what happened. So I was happy when she was killed off  in the first episode. I was pretty skeptical of if she had really died or not. But this past Sunday's episode had Pam telling Eric that she felt her die. That's also another thing I was pretty pissed off about. They gave Eric Hep V. I am not a fan of him dying this way. At least that's how it seems he's going to die. I'm hoping that by some chance they will find a cure before the season ends and he can go on being the beautiful viking vampire he is (can you tell he's my favorite lol). I was also pissed off at how they killed Alcide. It just seems to me that some of these people deserve better deaths than getting shot or contracting Hep V. I did have a conversation though with a friend of mine about how we both think Sookie is going to end up going to back to Bill so they would have to do something with Alcide. Well they definitely did something lol. I was beyond happy when Mrs. Fortenberry (Hoyt's mother) got her heart ripped out. I have never been able to stand her. And I cannot wait to see how Sarah Newlin gets what is coming to her. I really hope Eric is the one to do it. Because in last Sunday's episode the TrueBlood Corporation hit men were after her. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. 

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