Monday, May 27, 2013

Favorite finds on Etsy (Sort of Summery)

So I wanted to do like a favorite things type of post and lately I've been looking at Etsy a lot. So, I thought I would just do a post of my favorite finds from Etsy. So here we go!

 Very cute handmade journals from Zany Hoopla

Very awesome Adventure Time sunglasses by Ketchupize

The Hobbits tank from TeeSeaSon

These awesome Cateye sunglasses from Summer Shades

I love knuckle rings and these are really cute Funny People Co

This is a man's watch but I like it so much that I would wear it! VivianGift

This bag has a waterproof liner so you can throw you bathing suit or wet clothes in it. How cool! Sunggly Baby

So in love with these earrings! Picturing

This beer carrier is perfect for bonfires. GreatLakesReclaimed

I love this dandelion decal!! OhYeahDecal

Loving this long ruffled bikini LoveLucyBea

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