Friday, May 24, 2013

So many books so little time...

I'm sure there are a lot of you out there ,like me, that have books just stacked up that you haven't read yet. I've gotten to the point now where if I go to the book store or am looking at buying a book on my Nook, that I'll just not look at any new books that catch my eye and try to stay with the many series that I have but still haven't finished. It's so hard to do that though. I know as of right now that I have at least fifteen unfinished series. It makes me feel like such a failure when I look at all of them like that, but then again when I do finally finish one I feel so accomplished. I was at a point a while back ago where I stopped buying books in a series until the series got finished. Now I only do that if I'm not super obsessed with the books. Like the House of Night series. I buy the new book exactly when it comes out. I was just as bad about that when the Harry Potter books where coming out. Do any of you have a series or multiple series where you have to have the new book as soon as it comes out? Tell me in the comments below! :)

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