Friday, June 7, 2013

The Grimm Diaries Prequels

I saw these books recently on Goodreads while I was looking for a different book. And these books look so freaking good. They're short stories that give you a look at what the The Grimm Diaries is going to be like. Kind of like a teaser. I'm seriously thinking about buying these. 

I was fortunate enough to have the author Cameron Jace gift me the first book in The Grimm Diaries, Snow White Sorrow. I can't tell you how excited I am to read it. I love retellings of old fairy tales. This book along with the prequels are not available on Nook just yet. They are available on Kindle. The first set of prequels has six in the set and costs .99 cents. The other two sets both cost $2.99. If you'd like to buy them individually I think they cost .99 cents a piece. Snow White Sorrow costs 2.99.
 A lot of people are giving these books a lot of crap on the reviews I've read. Comparing it to other books. All I'm going to say is just because someone else doesn't like it doesn't mean you won't. (I've read that sentence five times and it doesn't sound right for some reason lol oh well you catch my drift.)

What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?
 Sixteen year old Loki Blackstar is no Prince Charming. His mother is a ghost. His only friend is a red Cadillac that sings to him through the radio. He looks like an Angel but acts like jerk. No wonder he has been banned from Heaven, which is the least of his troubles. Loki needs a job to pay for school and support himself. Still, Loki has a rare gift: He is a Dreamhunter. One of the few in the world who can hunt and kill immortal demons in their dreams so they never wake up again. When Loki is sent to kill a sixteen-year-old vampire girl the locals call Snow White Sorrow, he is pulled into a magical but dangerous world. The locals believe the monster to be Snow White. 
The real Snow White... living in the ruins of an ancient castle in a small town. She is described as horribly beautiful, terrifyingly enchanting, and wickedly lovely. What he finds instead is a beautiful monster girl filled with rage and hurt, who has an epic untold story to tell of things such like why the Brothers Grimm altered the fairy tale, who the Evil Queen really is, where the mirror came from, and who possessed it. Snow White has killed every person who has dared come near the castle where she once lived with the queen. Mysteriously, she lets Loki live, and whispers two words in his ears; two words that will change his life forever.

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